Performance audit

Why should you do a website performance audit? The performance audit creates a better understanding about the current performance status of your website. It creates a baseline for improvements and guides you towards solving the most pressing technical issues. Our audit gives you valuable insights on:

  • Core Web Vitals performance.
  • Your performance vs. competitors.
  • Your business KPIs related to website performance.
  • Brief on technical improvements.

After the audit we can monitor your performance by implementing our tooling & dashboards and provide you with a monthly report & tech advice to stay ahead of your competitors.

How the audit works

The performance audit is a starting point that places website performance on the agenda in your company. We don’t need access to your website, nor the time from your developers. We just need an answer to some questions to understand your market better. It’s that simple. 

We need to know your...

  • Most important 3 website templates.
  • Performance priorities.
  • 5 competitors.

We will send the questions by email. Don’t worry...we can assist you!

What we will do

  • We measure your website performance on 5 different moments in time. > - We test on a variety of devices and access points (3G/4G/WiFi) to ensure we have a reliable sample. 
  • In 2 weeks you get a report with a technical brief and valuable business insights.
  • We present the audit to your team.

About the report

The report provides you recommendations for improvements for bad performing metrics. We also give you a prioritisation based on time vs. expected impact, so your developers know which specific improvements they need to make first.

The perfomance audit costs

The cost of a performance audit is based on different webpage templates or domains.

1 page template

€ 2.500, -

  • The performance analysis of 1 page.
  • The Google Core web Vitals score.
  • Performance improvements advise.
  • Technical brief to fix issues with code examples.
  • Live video session with your team.

Let’s <br /> the boundaries of PageSpeed.

3 page templates

€ 4.500, -

  • The performance analysis of 3 pages.
  • Performance related to your business goals.
  • Your Google Core web Vitals score.
  • Top-5 competitors performance.
  • Technical roadmap for your dev team.
  • Live video session with your team.

Let’s <br /> the boundaries of PageSpeed.

Why should you do this

There are countless automated tools that provide your score on certain performance metrics. These tools are helpful, but only report on what they measure. You need the interpretation from a seasoned developer in order to understand and prioritize which actions to take. We tell you how you should improve. By relating website performance to your business KPIs, you also understand why you should take action. Our audit will roughly help you to improve based on four different areas.

Improve your Core Web Vitals

Since August ‘21 your Core Web Vitals count in your organic performance in Google Search.

Support your developers

They look like superman and they can build everything, but sometimes they need a little help from a web performance engineer in order to speed up.

Improve business metrics

Improve important business related KPIs like sales, signups and other conversion rates, ad spend vs bounce rate, avg session duration or pages per session.

Competitor benchmark

Know how you perform compared to 5 of your biggest competitors.

FAQs - Performance audit


Websites have different goals, some are commercial while others want to provide the best quality. But in general you can expect the following impact:

  • Higher user satisfaction.
  • More website visitors caused by better rankings.
  • A lower bounce rate.
  • Higher average session duration.
  • More clickthroughs to other pages.
  • Higher conversion ratio: more sales, signups, leads, etc.
  • Higer user retention.
  • Lower ad spend.
  • Lower technical costs like servers and development.

We use more than 20 variables in the audit to get an objective view of the performance. Therefore it's hard to say upfront what performance issues we can detect. However we can be more specific about the level of detail we provide and how we work:

  1. Per specific variable we measure 5 times on a slower Wi-Fi/ mobile connection (3G) on a older device (iPhone 6 for instance) so we get a realiable score.
  2. We dive into your code and investigate why your websites shows that score.
  3. We create specific to-do's, provide documentation and/or (example) code snippets if applicable, or tell you what settings you need to change.
  4. We provide you an analysis of labour intensity vs. expected impact so you can decide which to-do's you start with (low hanging fruit comes first!).

Most websites have multiple pages that are build according to a consistent design. Some pages like the homepage, contact or a team page have a unique design that will only be used at a single page. However most websites use template designs which will be replicated across the website like a product or servicepage, a product detail page, the blog or information pages. A single template will be used and the content that is displayed on that page will change. Therefore it's not needed to check every single underlying page but we rather check the template itself.

A performance audit for an e-commerce website is typically focused on a 1. landing page, 2. product overview and 3. product page. For a publisher that would be a 1. landing page, 2. topic overview page and an 3. underlying article.

We also saw cases where clients have issues with a single page template, for instance a page with a video or animation. In that case we will focus on a single page with the audit. You have the freedom to choose how many templates we should focus on.


Once you start with a performance audit it's quite useful to check extra page templates because this provides you an even better baseline for improvements. The price for each extra page template is € 1.000. We can create a tailormade offer if you want to audit more than 10 templates.

Other Services

Tooling & dashboards

From continuously monitoring performance to integrating relevant tools, we handle it all.

Monthly report & tech advice

Our monitoring, analysis, and consultation provide you and your developers with a clear roadmap for improvements.

Technical support

We implement performance improvements for you. We focus on results and get the work done!