Monthly report & tech advice

Our report & tech advice is an extension to our tooling & dashboards service, which provides you with valuable input on a monthly basis. It helps you to plan and incorporate web performance continuously in your development process. We monitor, analyze, think along and provide you and your developers with a clear guideline for improvements.

Why the monthly report is helpful to keep your website performance up to date:

  • It provides you with valuable advice from a performance specialist on a monthly basis.
  • Deciphering measurements, explaining it in common language and providing a guideline for improvements.
  • Track the impact of code changes between deployments.
  • To track the impact of third-party scripts on your website.
  • Get an overview of your monthly performance based on gathered website data and your competitors.
  • Get alerts about performance issues, deviations and exceedances of the performance budgets.
  • Analysis of time vs impact of improvements for prioritization and sprint planning.

Our support is especially helpful if you work with multiple developers and with rapid development iterations. You want to keep track of the impact of website changes and create a culture where performance is continuously on the agenda. The tools & dashboards monitor your website’s performance 24/7, while you stay ahead of the pack with the monthly performance improvements!

How it works

Our tools will measure your website performance continuously and the dashboards will visualize based on more than 20 different metrics. We present the data on a monthly basis in a report, detect performance issues and tell you how to solve the issues.

You need to help us with

  • Placing a tracking script for the tool.

What we will do

  • Give you input on a monthly basis.
  • Present the input to the stakeholders.
  • We’re available for questions and support regarding the report.

Our ultimate goal is to create a culture of performance where variables like website speed and user experience play a central role in the development processes. We believe that a monthly report and adequate advice will raise awareness about the importance of web performance.

About the monthly report

The report provides you recommendations for improvements for bad performance. We also give you a prioritization based on time vs. expected impact, so your developers know which specific improvements they need to make first.

For whom could this be interesting?

Our tooling & dashboards measure 24/7 based on more than 20 metrics and tell you basically what is happening. However, you probably also want to know how and why you should improve if there are performance issues. This is exactly what we will do for you. We provide the report and tech advice for…

Everyone with a website

For business owners, CRO’s, marketing managers or others who want to improve their business results.

E-commerce Managers

Who understands that every millisecond of delay impacts their commercial success.

Product Owners

Who wants some help with planning and incorporating web performance in their development process.

Development teams

Who needs help from an engineer who is solely focussed on performance and explains to them how to improve.

FAQs - Monthly report & tech advice


There are many performance metrics which relate to your business metrics differently. All these performance metrics basically trying to answer three major questions:

  • Is it loading? When do I think the page actually works?
  • Can I use it? When do I see enough to interact with the page on a meaningful way?
  • Can I interact with the page? How good is the user experience of that interaction?

Every question has underlying metrics where we measure the scores. Via benchmarks (to yourself, competitors or your industry) we can decide what is good, what needs improvement and what is bad. We will focus on the metrics that have the highest business impact but are rather easy to solve.


A performance budget is a boundary which you apply to the metrics which are most important to you. In the performance tools we use we can set certain thresholds and alert you when they are exceeded. We can also check if future deploys voilate the preset performance budgets.


Websites have different goals, some are commercial while others want to provide the best quality. But in general you can expect the following impact:

  • Higher user satisfaction.
  • More website visitors caused by better rankings.
  • A lower bounce rate.
  • Higher average session duration.
  • More clickthroughs to other pages.
  • Higher conversion ratio: more sales, signups, leads, etc.
  • Higer user retention.
  • Lower ad spend.
  • Lower technical costs like servers and development.

Our monthly report & tech advice is an extension to our tooling & dashboards. The dashboards shows you objective data but provides you no interpretation. The interpretation comes from a performance specialist in the monthly report. It gives you an advice about the next steps and tells your developers how they could improve. This is valuable input for your planning process.

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