Rémon Bloemberg | Commercial Lead

Rémon Bloemberg

Faster websites equals better business results. We say this often at Iron/Out but this is something that I have experienced many times with my background as a marketing manager. Every page load takes some time, but if your website is painfully slow, visitors will drop off without taking the right action: requesting a quote, buying your product or doing something else to convert from a visitor to a subscriber, lead or client. As a marketer, e-commerce manager or business owner you can notice this unwanted behaviour by drop off rates, but also by a high bounce-rate, short time on page, less click throughs or many other variables for web analytics. Now, if you have these issues, who is going to help you?

Websites are increasingly important for companies, and this also applies to me working as a marketing manager. In the past, I faced many cases where a company website was technically underperforming. If I would ask a developer to solve the issues, they often did not know how to improve it. So where do you go to in that occasion? I found out that there are actually specialists who have the specific knowledge to solve website performance issues.

At Iron/Out we are specialised in web performance. We know everything about user experience, and especially about loading speed, interaction times and visual stability of websites. Where a typical web developer knows how to build things, we know how to optimise them for the best performance. See it as tuning an already fast car: we know the last tricks and make sure that you have the quickest website in town.

Within Iron/Out I’m responsible for all commercial processes like sales, business development and marketing. Iron/Out is a part of Makerstreet, a collective with digital agencies based in Amsterdam. Makerstreet believes in specialism: expertise & excelling in your own field. That’s why we are not a full-service agency, but a network of leading specialists. Iron/Out only focuses on website performance.

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