Sander Heilbron | Sr. Web Performance Consultant

Sander Heilbron

My name is Sander Heilbron and for the past years, I have worked at OrangeValley as an SEO and Web Performance consultant. Before that, I spent more than 12 years in various roles at media agencies such as Mindshare, GroupM and Omnicom Media Group.

In my previous roles I helped organisations and companies to improve the user experience of their website(s) by eliminating performance bottlenecks during loading and using a page. This is relevant because user experience translates into user behaviour that affects a site's business success.

Within Web Performance Optimisation, it's not just about getting fast, but more importantly staying fast. The latter is more difficult to achieve because it is not just about technical optimisations but mainly about the organisation itself. A slow website is rarely caused by one person, and it is also rare that a single person is the owner and has the ability to solve it independently of others.

We see an increasing demand from the market, companies are more often aware of performance issues within their website(s). It is usually no longer necessary to convince companies that performance or UX issues are negatively affecting their business goals, they already know this and we are one of the companies who can help them solving it.

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