Sander van Surksum | Technical Lead

Sander van Surksum

I’m an international expert in website performance optimization, and the founder of Iron/Out. Over the years, I have helped numerous companies improve the speed of their websites and make their users more happy.

As a professional in this field for 10 years, I have extensive knowledge and experience. I love the web. I love getting the most out of my life and the lives of others. Besides being blessed to have an incredibly inspiring wife, I am also a devoted father of four daughters. The Iron/Out team will make your website faster, SEO-friendly, and more user-friendly.

Sander works as a developer for more than 20 years, so he basically saw the internet and all the technology evolving quickly. During his career he worked often closely with conversion rate optimization specialists who were mainly focused on improving on-page experience, however it’s more and more important to also improve the speed of websites. Because it’s a fact: the quicker a webpage loads, the more likely a user is to perform the targeted action on that webpage. User experience was always important for Sander, but in the recent 6, 7 years he specialised more and more on web performance, mainly because he noticed the significant impact of little adjustments. And… the good part is that the impact of every change can be measured.

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