Technical support

Our technical support is focused on one thing: results. We are the implementation power you need in order to get performance related tasks done. We can support you with one of our performance specialists or website developers, no matter what technology stack you use. Their tasks can be tailored to your specific needs: we can implement for you, we can work together with your team or provide them with code examples so they stay in charge.

How our technical support can help you:

  • Depending on your needs we provide you skills and manpower to implement.
  • We work with your team in (performance) sprints to create a high impact and quick results.
  • Our specialists focus on performance; they find issues and actively help to solve them.
  • To change the mindset and by creating a ‘performance culture’ so your team can tackle performance issues in future themselves.

Our support is especially helpful if you know that web performance plays a vital role in your business, you want to improve, but you need some extra hands with the speed and user experience optimization of your platform. We’re not focused on building new website features, but we check if they are according to the performance standards before launching them.

How it works

We are your performance focussed implementation power, that’s clear. You can plug us in as a team, but it starts with a roadmap where we plan, prioritize the actions and decide upon the responsibilities.

You need to help us with

  • Decide upon the shared goal, expectations and scope with all stakeholders.
  • Access to your website, check the current state of the website.
  • Determine a performance roadmap, prioritize actions and planning.
  • Start fixing the problems in the performance sprints.
  • Evaluate performance results and iterate.

Your website visitors

By creating a fast and high performing website for happy and high converting users!

UX/UI designers

We help the UX/UI designers to design new elements with performance in mind.


Get specific knowledge from a specialist who is focussed on performance.

Product owners

Determine the roadmap and reach performance goals as quickly as possible.

FAQs - Technical support


There are many performance metrics which relate to your business metrics differently. All these performance metrics basically trying to answer three major questions:

  • Is it loading? When do I think the page actually works?
  • Can I use it? When do I see enough to interact with the page on a meaningful way?
  • Can I interact with the page? How good is the user experience of that interaction?

Every question has underlying metrics where we measure the scores. Via benchmarks (to yourself, competitors or your industry) we can decide what is good, what needs improvement and what is bad. We will focus on the metrics that have the highest business impact but are rather easy to solve.


Sure! We can do the work for you on a distance but we get it that you would like to see us face-to-face. We're all very handsome ;-)


Due to our years of experience we can work with any technology stack. If we don't have the specific knowledge we have a broad network of specialists who can help us out.

Other Services

Performance audit

We analyze your site from all angles. Scanning your site to see where you can increase the site’s performance.

Tooling & dashboards

From continuously monitoring performance to integrating relevant tools, we handle it all.

Monthly report & tech advice

Our monitoring, analysis, and consultation provide you and your developers with a clear roadmap for improvements.